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The owners purchased a very steep and rocky uphill property across the street from Alta Lake in Whistler on which to build their all-season vacation home. Inherent steepness of the property, combined with the dense forest environment, rendered a good portion of the upper site inaccessible. Owing to trees located on the lake shore, views of the lake and mountains improve at higher elevations on the property.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2022
Third Award | Private Residence (Large) (Built)

Project Details
Project Name: Lakeside Modern
Project Category: Private Residence (Large) (Built)
Studio Name: Lamoureux Architect Inc.
Design Team:
Role: Project Lead
First name: Brad
Last name: Lamoureux
Company: Lamoureux Architect Incorporated
Country: Canada
Role: Project Architect
First name: Craig
Last name: Thomas
Company: Lamoureux Architect Incorporated
Country: Canada
Area: 371 SqM
Year: 2019
Location: Whistler, BC, Canada
Photography Credits:  Joe Lee
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©Joe Lee

Our design solution was to create an inverted plan with the living space on top, bedrooms at the middle floor, and garage, entry and utility spaces at the lowest level.  The inversion of the sleeping and living levels allows the owners to occupy an enhanced view position from primary living spaces, as well as direct access to outdoor living on the property. Additionally, functions are creatively stacked within a very small footprint to achieve structural economy, and to minimize the overall impact on the property. The climbing floor plan flows seamlessly from indoor to outdoors accross levels, capturing lake and mountain views from the primary living spaces.

The diminished footprint meant that the garage doors would face the street. The architects clad the garage door and adjacent walls in a vertical wood scrim stained black, to completely hide the garage doors from view and to create emphasis for the entry.

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©Joe Lee

Views of the lake and mountain landscape are initially hidden from view and unfold through a journey to the upper floor living space. This dramatic living space features a high ceiling with a glass wall and a large exterior terrace overlooking the mountain and lake environment. In counterpoint to the expansive views from the east terrace, a dormer allows discrete views to extend up the precipitous rocky mountainside into the natural forest environment above. A large wood burning fireplace, detailed in blackened steel, and a floating concrete hearth anchors one end of the living space.

The material palette for the house is designed to minimize visual noise and strengthen the calming and natural character of the property. The sculptural character of the home is enhanced by the simple elegance of the white metal cladding and black stained cedar. To the same ends, the overall interior palette is muted and calm and includes white walls and millwork, whitewashed wood windows and soffits, light oak flooring, and soft tones of porcelain flooring.

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©Joe Lee

The simple sculptural form of the building massing is complimented by simplicity of construction means and a high degree of energy efficiency. The lower two stories of the home are buried on three sides into the mountainside. Insulated concrete form foundations, along with highly insulated walls and roof, ensure a higher energy performance for the home overall. As an additional benefit, these blocks reduce both construction time and construction waste.

Materials were sourced locally wherever possible.  Radiant heating, enhanced insulation, passive solar control via building orientation and generous overhangs to protect the extensive glazing from the sun reduces heating and cooling loads.

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